Nupur Singh

Nupur Singh



Nupur has been part of the social media and branding industry for a couple of years now. She started creating her brand with her fashion blog, The Crispy Corner, which she founded while hustling a full time job as a financial analyst in a leading investment bank.

The Crispy Corner today has over 20K followers on Instagram and more than 25K unique monthly blog readers. It was also a finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards, Top ten for Fashion in 2016.

Nupur specializes in brand building both for corporates, startups as well as image building for individuals.

She has worked with various companies and groups to help them navigate the social media world to build a powerful online presence with the help of key social and analytical tools. Her speciality lies not only in consulting for social media but helping brands connect the digital dots to build an online community.

She has helped business owners start and build a powerful online brand on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Being an influencer herself, Nupur has a huge network of influencers and has helped various brands understand and usher into influencer marketing.

“Social media is just a buzzword until you come up with a plan.”

Nupur is also a certified image consultant and stylist. She has trained under Christina Ong of Image Asia and Lynne Marks of London Image Institute. She is also a member of the Association of Image Consultants, International. She has helped various individuals identify and change their image to create a powerful impact in society. She has worked with clients to enhance their visual authority in all spheres of life, dating, personal, professional or social.

Traditionally image consultants work with clients on their appearance, behavior and communication. But Nupur believes that in today’s world a complete package to build your personal brand has 4 pillars  – (A)ppearance, (B)ehaviours, (C)ommunication and (D)igital Presence.

“In the first 5 seconds, your image influences the people you meet.”

To work with Nupur or book her for speaking opportunities, please reach out to her on or book an appointment here.

To follow Nupur’s personal journey, follow her on Instagram @thecrispycorner 

“The hardest part about social media or brand building is not knowing where and how to start. With Unravel Style I hope to help people and companies solve these problems so that they can focus on the more impactful ones”